Berrigan Bookshop

Berrigan Bookshop

Over 40,000 pre-loved books

Over 40,000 new and pre-loved books in 9 rooms, with lots of genres to choose from including:

  • Fiction
  • Children/kids
  • Teens
  • Extensive non-fiction range
  • Australiana
  • Mind/body/spirit
  • Cooking
  • Art and craft
  • War
  • Travel
  • Auto/biography
  • True crime
  • Sport

A destination shop that is perfect for a quick browse or stays as long as you like!

We source books on request and have a full database of all available books on-site.

Come for a drive and visit us today –  bring a friend or visitor and enjoy together.

We truly have something for everyone.

Business in the Riverina

Read more about business in the Riverina here.


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