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Bower Wood Lawyers

We think that you deserve more.  You deserve lawyers with a keen interest in your life and a commitment to your success.

Usually, lawyers are only interested in the tip of the iceberg: the one burning issue that you come to see them about.  We are interested in the whole iceberg – everything that has led to that burning issue, why it is so significant and what it will mean to solve it.

We take the time to get to know you, to make sure that we are the right fit for each other. In the process of getting to know you, we get to understand what makes you tick: what’s important to you; where you’ve come from; where you want to go. This is different for everyone – that’s what makes people so interesting. Knowing this about you means that we can give you the advice that is right for you.  Not meaningless legal jibber-jabber.  But specifically tailored advice.  It also means we can find opportunities for you and help you seize them.

Law is a deeply traditional profession. But the world is changing and tradition no longer means old books and archaic practices.  We take advantage of all the technology and resources that the modern world provides to pursue the profession’s core values of care, trust and service. That’s what we call the new vintage.

We love regional New South Wales. But we service clients all over the state and the country.

We’re based in the home of the crow, Wagga Wagga, where we spend most of our time. We also have an office in the spectacular mountain town of Tumbarumba, where you can find us on Tuesdays.

We love to get out of the office to see clients in and around our region including the beautiful towns of Tumut, Junee and Coolamon.

So if you’re looking for a business lawyer, estates lawyer or property lawyer/conveyancer in Wagga Wagga or surrounds, get in touch.


Business and Commercial

Business is about people. Being a business lawyer is about helping people manage uncertainty, risk, relationships and change.

We work for small business and larger commercial enterprises. Our goal is to be an external legal provider who can provide in-house lawyer services.

Conveyancing and Property Management

We help make buying, selling or developing the property as stress-free as possible, so you get a better night’s sleep.

Our team handles conveyancing and other transactions for residential, rural and commercial land. We also assist property developers to build their vision and bring it with their target market.

Estate Planning and Administration

Thinking about death is hard. We help you get your life organised so it’s not hard for those you leave behind.

We prepare tailored estate plans including wills, powers of attorney, appointments of enduring guardians. Our team also documents and implements self-managed superannuation strategies in conjunction with financial advisers and accountants. When a loved one passes away, we deal with estate administration so you don’t have to.

Business in the Riverina

Read more about business in the Riverina here.

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