Brushwoods Australia Coolamon

Brushwoods Australia Coolamon

Whole grain oats, extra virgin olive oil and sustainable skincare

From their field to your front door, Brushwoods guarantees the highest quality whole grain oats, extra virgin olive oil and sustainable skincare

Pure Australian Oats

It starts when a little seedling springs to life and ends in a scrumptious breakfast worth savouring. Our love for real food that is good for your gut means your award-winning Brushwood oats are always 100% pure, 100% ethical, 100% whole grain and 100% fresh.

What are fresh oats?

If there were such a thing as luxury oats – fresh oats would be it. Because they aren’t dried like the regular or instant oats you buy, you’ll experience how oats truly taste – with nothing added and nothing is taken away.

Imagine oats that actually taste oaty, with a texture that doesn’t disappear the moment it hits your tongue. Imagine the perfect, creamiest consistency – whether cooked in porridge or soaked like Bircher. These are those oats.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from fruit cultivated with care – and a little help from Mother Nature – your award-winning Brushwoods Fresh Olive Oil tastes so divine even the Italians are jealous. Unrivalled in quality, we guarantee it will always be 100% pure, 100% first cold-pressed and 100% extra virgin.

What is fresh Olive Oil?

It’s not widely known, but Olive Oil is a seasonal product – at it’s freshest, most aromatic and delicious at harvest time. Your taste buds will relish the floral, citrus and peppery palate with hints of tropical fruit. We lovingly refer to it as liquid gold.

Natural Skincare

Feel great inside and out with our all-natural hand soaps and lotions.

Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from the calming oats and ultra-moisturising olive oil that infuse our products. Oats help soothe irritated or itchy skin and are an excellent alternative to harsh cleansers, while the olive oil leaves your body luxuriously hydrated. And because it’s made from the surplus we produce, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.


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