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Plastic-free eco cleaning products (also available for purchase from our online store)

Where science & manufacturing meets eco-friendly products, that’s where you’ll find us.

Concerned with the amount of plastic we were buying & then throwing away, ecyo developed a range of home & commercial cleaning products contained in biodegradable wrapping (pods). Once immersed in water the wrapping quickly breaks down and disappears into a biodegradable form, leaving the cleaning fluid ready for use.

While we haven’t solved the plastic problem entirely (yet), by buying one of our spray bottles (or recycling one you already have), you can then continue to use this same bottle, & your only ongoing purchases will be the biodegradable pods.

Our products

ecyo make:

  • Anti-bacterial cleaning pods
  • Bathroom cleaning pods
  • Window cleaning pods
  • Multi-purpose cleaning pods
  • Hard floor cleaning pods
  • kitchen degreaser cleaning pods

Pods are available for purchase as single pods as well as multi-packs.

About ecyo

ecyo was started by 3 sisters who had concerns with issues like plastic usage, recycling, & for our environment in general.

As 2 of the sisters also became mothers they realised that their own contributions to these problems only grew, as it became increasingly difficult to manage young families while remaining as plastic-free as possible.

Putting their heads together & combining their other interests of science & manufacturing, they started ecyo in 2018.


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