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Expand Careers

Online and in-person careers counselling

What we do

  • Careers Counselling
  • Careers Skills Webinars
  • Careers Skills Workshops
  • Online Career Profiles
  • Resumes & Job Applications
  • Skills Coaching

We are rural & regional

We have lived in rural & regional areas for most of our lives. We understand the complications that distance can create for people in these areas.

Personal Online Services

Our services are all designed to make geographic isolation and schedule conflict a worry of the past. We deliver services online via video conferencing, email, telephone or webinar. Of course, we love to meet you in person as well if it is possible.


Business in the Riverina

Read more about business in the Riverina here.

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First Appointment Free

We offer a 30-minute free meeting either in person or over video conference to help you choose the type of service that would best suit you. This is where you outline what your dilemma is and we discuss our service options with you.

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Michae Douglass

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