Farmhouse Sticker Co.

Farmhouse Sticker Co.

Passionate about functional planner stickers

Farmhouse Sticker Co. is based in Coolamon, NSW.

My name is Kat Dowling and I am a lover of all thing’s planning!

My husband and I live on a small property in country NSW (Australia), we have two beautiful little girls that keep us busy, we also run a rural contracting business and I work part-time.

My love of planning and organising really came to light when I became a Mum. I found myself deep in the trenches of being a first time Mum and quickly learnt the only control I had was the environment around me.

As someone once told me, “Not having a plan, is a plan to fail”

So with that, I have since been on a journey to find ways in which, help me organise our lives.

I came across a beautiful planner that left me inspired and in control of my day to day, even on home days. And this is where my passion for functional planner stickers started.

It made me relive some of my fondest memories and made me question why I stopped all the crafty activities that brought so much joy to my life.

So the Farmhouse Sticker Co was created. Where I get to bring back that joy of creating, using a style I love, live and breathe.


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